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Books & Art by
Christina Lewis

Modern Medieval E-Books
In the Tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings"


Miriel: Princess of Rohan FREE E-BOOK
Middle Earth Hockey League FREE E-BOOK
For the Love of Galadar Coming Soon
City of the Fire Elves Coming Soon
Invasion of Denelon Coming Soon
Isles of the Sun Coming Soon
Dark Queens Never Die Coming Soon
Castles of the Rock Kings Coming Soon
Legends of the Dawn Coming Soon
Wild West Adventure Reading
Dance of the Wild Horses Coming Soon
Running with Wild Horses Coming Soon
"Lightning" Art
Horses, Winged Horses, Unicorns 8x10 Prints
or Download
  Dolphin, Bear, Wolf, Moose...
Western Seas

Sky Kings

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